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PandaPlus is the home of all blog, opinion and generally un-objective bits at Princeton Panda. Although admittedly nothing is ever completely objective, so no guarantees are made for the rest of the site either.

Tip of the Day
a blog of really useful tips and tricks that save you time/energy/frustration

PandaPlus Blog
a blog of things that are good to know but are hard to categorise

a blog of unsolicited but hopefully insightful thoughts from various wise old students

reviews, articles, shouting-matches about the best food you can find

Courses [under construction]
yet-to-be-added section on Princeton courses

Sports [under construction]

study-abroad [under construction]


major [under construction]
What you actually do in the various Princeton majors: methodologies, day-to-day activity, that kind of thing.

Post-Graduation Options [under construction]

big-things-on-campus [under construction]

putting-on-events [under construction]

dance-groups [under construction]


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