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The Independent Student Guide's Groceries section is a pretty exhaustive list of every grocery option anywhere near Princeton, although a little out of date.

The 605 Bus (timetable download) goes from Palmer Square or McCarter Theatre (near the dinky station) to Wegman's and Wal Mart. Fares are now $1.50 and no change is given.

There is a little-known shuttle to Wegmans, Walmart and Trader Joes: it's mainly aimed at graduate students (timetable download). It leaves from the dinky station and goes every other Saturday, but be warned that the circular route through grad housing and the various supermarkets makes this a slow way to get anywhere.

The shuttle also goes to McAffrey's and Whole Earth on the Saturday's alternating with Wegmans/Walmart/TJ (timetable download). Again, it takes a long time to get you back to campus but you get there eventually and it's free.


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