To Do List

Specific tasks should be added under the appropriate priority. More general suggestions and ideas can be added at the bottom of the page. Don't forget to delete a task once you've done it!

High priority

  • Set up a search box to search all relevant princeton sites —, knowledge base, etc. etc. There's a dozen or so sites that are consistently useful, and we could help a lot just by setting up a google search that looks in all those places at once.
  • thesis - Collect and write up all thesis deadlines by department. Soon! Top priority.
  • See Wanted pages for pages that are listed in a menu but have no content yet. Give them some!
  • jobs - Write the jobs page
  • Easy-to-use contributors' guide - something that actually makes it easy to start contributing.

Medium priority

  • Add Faculty directory (?)

Low priority

  • Electrical outlets - Decide how comprehensive this should be (all classrooms, or just the ones that confuse people?), and add more locations (e.g. whitman courtyard, other outdoor-and-often-neglected places).
  • A bunch of links, mainly from official PU sites, that should be turned into Panda pages

Page organization

Wanted pages are listed in a menu somewhere but have no content yet. Give them some!

Orphaned pages have been created but aren't linked to from anywhere. These either need to be sorted or deleted (as in, moved to the "deleted:" category, not completely erased). Go to "Options" (bottom right) then "Backlinks" to see what else links to the page; either delete all those links or update them to the new page.

Possible merge: merge the "To-Do" list into the "Members" page, but have it as a foldable sub-item?

Pages under review

The pages below are currently under review. Please rate them based on their content and organization, and leave comments with questions and feedback. Highly rated pages will be incorporated into the main menu.

Princeton Restaurants Princeton Panda 13 Oct 2010 17:52 0 comments rating: 0
Food Princeton Panda 12 Oct 2010 19:52 0 comments rating: 0
PandaPlus Princeton Panda 10 Oct 2010 16:40 0 comments rating: 0
Groceries Princeton Panda 09 Oct 2010 17:38 0 comments rating: 0
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