Tip of the Day

Tip of the Day 12: Outdoor Outlets

As spring descends, some useful outdoor power outlets let you work in the sun:

  • Whitman courtyard, inside the lampposts
  • Behind East Pyne, on the east side of Henry House

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Tip of the Day 11: Calculate GPA

SCORE keeps an unofficial GPA: click "My Academics," then "View my course history," and it's right above the table of courses you've taken.
Princeton's official guide. Yes, I hate that I know that this exists.

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Tip of the Day 10: Bag Lunches

If you're on a meal plan but don't have time to eat lunch in the dining halls on certain days of the week (engineers, I'm looking at you), you can grab a bag lunch from any dining hall during breakfast hours, Mon-Thurs. Ask the card checkers for a form, fill out your preferences, and the bag lunch will be ready for you in the servery when you're done with breakfast. According to the Dining Services website, you aren't allowed to eat lunch in the dining halls on the same day that you've requested a bag lunch.

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Tip of the Day 9: Know Who Has Enrolled in Your Class

Using blackboard, you can figure out who has enrolled in any course you are taking. The full list of students (and instructors) can be accessed via the course page > tools > send e-mail > select users.

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Tip of the Day 8: Dental Care on the Student Health Plan

If you are on the University's Student Health Insurance plan, you are entitled to one dental check-up per year including basic care such as x-rays. This is on top of / separate from the two check-ups you get if you are signed up for the dental plan.

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Tip of the Day 7: Pequods on Reserve

Firestone 3 hour reserve has pequods for classes if you don't want to buy them. Look up the call numbers at the library catalog; change the "Basic Search" tab to "Course Reserves."

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Tip of the Day 6: Firestone Water Cooler

There's a little-known water cooler in Firestone: take the stairs down to the A-Floor and walk straight through the Reserve Reading Room (which will be right at the exit of the stairwell); the water cooler is through the gates at the back, directly in front of where you entered.

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Tip of the Day 5: Dinky Seating

Seating on the dinky can actually be customised to suit your taste: in any of the three-person benches just push hard on the seatback and it'll swing over to make the seat face the other way. This allows you to make "booth-format" seats if there are, say, six of you travelling together.

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Tip of the Day 4: Princeton Url Shortcut

This is a very minimal timesaver, but, anywhere on campus you can type "www/" instead of "www.princeton.edu/" and it comes to the same thing. E.g., www.princeton.edu/blackboard can be reached instead by typing www/blackboard. Snazzy.

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Tip of the Day 3: Locked Doors

If you share a bathroom between a couple of bedrooms (as in Forbes, or Scully) and find that the other person has locked you out and forgotten about it, simply take a small coin and wedge it into the groove on your door handle. Turn anti-clockwise and the lock should open. Easy.

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