This is the beta version of Princeton Panda. The site is not affiliated with, or approved by, Princeton University, and is not affiliated with any campus organisations. It is run by volunteers and has an annual budget of $9.

Princeton Panda aims to become the first port of call for Princeton students looking to answer any university-related question. As such, it will contain original content, organised links to university resources, and easy-to-use interfaces that make previously available information more readily accessible. In the long run, Panda's aim is to make every Princeton student confident that any university-related information can be conveniently and quickly accessed from the Princeton Panda homepage. This could make a significant contribution to Princeton students' lives: instead of thinking "I know the information's probably out there but I don't know how to find it," then procrastinating indefinitely, students will be able to say "I'll just go visit Panda and it'll show me where to go."

For now, thanks for visiting,

~Uri Bram
Panda Person

p.s. A surprising number of people really, really want to know why it's called Panda. There's not a good reason, really, just seemed like a nice name. Pandas seem dependable. Trustworthy, somehow. If a panda talks I tend to listen, you know?

p.p.s. Panda purists may note that Princeton Panda has mixed motifs of Giant Pandas and Red Pandas, which are only very distantly related. PP likes to think of itself as an equal-opportunity Panda site. Also we didn't think about it too hard.