Summer Funding

Funding Sources

All deadlines on Panda are approximate and should be checked year-to-year.

Alumni Association Funding Guide

Alumni-backed funding, for academic, public service, and emergency funds.

Summer Language Study

There's a wide variety, and they vary by department. But a few of our favourites are:

The Dean’s Fund for Summer Study Abroad
offers grants ranging from $500 to $1,500 for structured programs lasting at least four weeks. Applications are available on the Study Abroad Program website. The application deadline is ~April 1.

Foreign language grants
of up to $3,000 for intensive summer study are available to current freshmen or sophomores. Language programs may be abroad or in the U.S. Applicants must describe how the proposed summer study connects to their future academic plans. Applications are available on the Study Abroad Program website. Application deadline is ~April 1.

The application for the Dean's Fund and the foreign language grants are available from ~1st of february.

The Fred Fox ’39 Fund offers grants up to $1,000 to Princeton undergraduates in good standing for academically oriented projects. Academic projects may be related to the applicant’s course of study or funding may be used for courses or academic help not available at the University. Contact Joanne Sismondo, Murray-Dodge Hall, 8-5460. Applications in the fall are due by ~December 1; applications in the spring are due by ~March 1.