Study Spaces

A list of all residential college study spaces is available here;
also a fantastically useful table of libraries & study spaces with opening hours and amenities.
(With thanks to Wilson College)

Or check out this app for updated library Hours of Operation.

Here's Princeton Panda's quick and easy guide to some of Princeton's finest study spaces.


The old favourite.
Pros: Easy access to food. Enough going on to keep you occupied. Lots of people around in case you need to vent a little.
Cons: Requires massive self-control to avoid spending the whole time talking to people.

3rd floor Architecture Building

Bit of a niche place; you won’t run into many non-architects here.
Pros: Great light, few distractions, centre of campus.
Cons: Not enough distractions?

Basement of McCosh (English Building) - Entryway B

Somewhere to go if you're looking for somewhere basically unpopulated, and you don't have your own carrel yet
Pros: Quite isolated, with a computer cluster, bathroom, fountains near at hand (through the weird passageway at the end of the corridor with pipes)
Cons: Gets cold in the winter, no sunlight because it's in the basement

Basement of Patton/Wright (but really more Patton) - Entryway 8

Table with chairs and also a pair of couches,
Pros: Has a small kitchenn nearby, if you're feeling peckish and you want to cook something up for yourself
Cons: Also has laundry and elevator nearby, which means that there are people walking by now and again