Rights Rules Responsibilities has every university regulation, including academic, dorm, discipline. Also details every possible way to get expelled.

Academic Standards and Discipline

Committee on Discipline

"Violations of rules and regulations pertaining to any academic work that is not performed in class, including essays, term papers, problem sets, homework, laboratory reports and independent work, fall under the jurisdiction of the Faculty-Student Committee on Discipline. Composed of students, faculty members and administrators, the Committee on Discipline is responsible for administering the stated rules and regulations governing both academic integrity matters and serious non-academic misconduct; for assessing reported violations; and, when necessary, for assigning appropriate penalties."

Source: Committee on Discipline

The Honor Committee

"All written examinations, tests and quizzes that take place in class are conducted under the honor code. All violations of the honor code are the concern of the Undergraduate Honor Committee."

Source: Honor Committee

Conflict Resolution

"Conflict is an integral part of living in community. The University expects its members first to employ honest, direct and civil dialogue as a means of resolving conflict. If, despite this effort, conflict persists, resources exist to help parties resolve disputes.

First and second-year students in conflict with roommates ordinarily request help from their residential college advisers. When additional assistance is required, students may seek the help of a peer mediator by making a request of their RCA, college dean or director of studies (for first- and second-year students) or Dean Cole Crittenden (for upperclass students).

The Ombuds Office also offers conflict resolution assistance to students, faculty and staff.

Conflict involving violence, the threat of violence or other breaches of conduct regulations should be reported to the Department of Public Safety at (609) 258-3134."

Conflict Resolution
Ombuds Office

Harassment and Concerns

Reporting Concerns

Favorite Excerpt from Rights Rules Responsibilities

"For a number of years undergraduates, predominantly members of the sophomore class, gathered as a group in Holder Courtyard on the night of the first snowfall, virtually naked, and in an environment that included student alcohol abuse, underage drinking, lack of concern for the welfare of fellow students, and risk of harm to themselves, to other people, and to property. This gathering came to be known as the 'nude olympics.'" link