Special Interest


Accion Latina y Amigos

Official Site
Contact: ude.notecnirp|noicca#ude.notecnirp|noicca
Description: We are a cultural group here to celebrate our Latin American roots.


Official Site
Contact: ude.notecnirp|abaawka#ude.notecnirp|abaawka
Description: Cultural Organisation; Awareness on Africa and Africa-related issues; Socialisation; Reformation

Arab Society of Princeton (SALAAM)

Official Site
Contact: ude.notecnirp|maalas#ude.notecnirp|maalas
Description: Geared towards exploring Arab heritage and culture and to unite Arab and non-Arab students.

Asian-American Students Association

Official Site
Contact: ude.notecnirp|asaa#ude.notecnirp|asaa
Description: Dedicated to the organization of educational events centered on Asian-American heritage.

Black Men's Awareness Group

Contact: ude.notecnirp|gamb#ude.notecnirp|gamb
Description: 14 year organization that provides unity and an arena for political, social, and financial discussion.

Black Student Union

Official Site
Contact: ude.notecnirp|usb#ude.notecnirp|usb
Description: Mission is to serve as the umbrella organization for other black student groups on campus

Chicano Caucus

Official Site
Contact: ude.notecnirp|sucuac#ude.notecnirp|sucuac
Description: Dedicated to raising awareness about issues pertinent to the chicano/latino community.

Chinese Students Association

Official Site
Contact: ude.notecnirp|asc#ude.notecnirp|asc
Description: Dedicated to helping students learn about and share chinese culture and fostering community.

Cuban American Undergradute Student Association

Contact: ude.notecnirp|asuac#ude.notecnirp|asuac
Description: Preserves and shares Cuban American history; promotes awareness of social and political injustices in Cuba.


Official Site
Contact: ude.notecnirp|rovalf#ude.notecnirp|rovalf
Description: Understanding culture and tradition through the appreciation and enjoyment of ethnic food.

Hong Kong Students Association

Official Site
Contact: ude.notecnirp|gnokgnoh#ude.notecnirp|gnokgnoh
Description: Aims to enrich campus life by bringing HK students & introducing HK culture to the University community

International Consortium

Contact: ude.notecnirp|mtrosnoc#ude.notecnirp|mtrosnoc
Description: Umbrella organization for all the international student groups at Princeton.

International Students Association of Princeton (ISAP)

Official Site
Contact: ude.notecnirp|pasi#ude.notecnirp|pasi
Description: Organzation that fosters bonding among international students, and exposes interested American students to international culture.

Japanese Students Association

Contact: ude.notecnirp|asj#ude.notecnirp|asj
Description: Brings students together to enhance Princetonians' understanding of Japanese culture.

Korean American Students Association

Official Site
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|asak#ude.notecnirp|asak
Description: Strives to provide students with events related to Korea and its culture

Native Americans at Princeton

Official Site
Contact: ude.notecnirp|paan#ude.notecnirp|paan
Description: Organizes programs, field trips, and activities to develop cultural understanding and support.


Contact: ude.notecnirp|naahchep#ude.notecnirp|naahchep
Description: Represents the Pakistani and Pakistani-American presence on campus.

Persian Society of Princeton

Official Site
Contact: ude.notecnirp|naisrep#ude.notecnirp|naisrep
Description: Aims to introduce the Princeton Community to the rich Persian history and traditions

Princeton Association of Black Women

Official Site
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|wbap#ude.notecnirp|wbap
Description: An organization that aims to celebrate, unify and educate the community of black women on the Princeton campus.

Princeton Caribbean Connection

Official Site
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|ccp#ude.notecnirp|ccp
Description: To provide all Princeton students a means for celebrating and learning about the Caribbean

South Asian Students Association

Official Site
E-mail: ude.notecnirp|asas#ude.notecnirp|asas
Description: SASA embraces the cultures of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Npal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Taiwanese American Students Association

Official Site
Contact: ude.notecnirp|asat#ude.notecnirp|asat
Description: Dedicated to promoting Taiwanese culture and heritage on the Princeton campus.

Vietnamese Students Association

Contact: ude.notecnirp|asv#ude.notecnirp|asv
Description: VSA aims to promote cultural awareness and diversity.

International Festival

Contact: ude.notecnirp|fi#ude.notecnirp|fi
Description: Annual showcase of various cultures represented on campus and in the community during the month of April.

Armenian Student Association

Contact: ASA@princeton,edu
Description: This is an organization celebrating the American culture through films, music, and food.

PERMIAS Princeton

Contact: ude.notecnirp|SAIMREP#ude.notecnirp|SAIMREP
Description: Indonesian Students Association at Princeton University.


LGBT Center

Official Site
Contact: ude.notecnirp|tbgl#ude.notecnirp|tbgl
Description: LGBTQ-related programming, groups, and resources
Discussion groups include First-Year Group, The Gender Group, and Questioning & LGBT Athletes.
*The LGBT Center isn't technically a student group; it's more strongly affiliated with the university.

Pride Alliance

Contact: ude.notecnirp|edirp#ude.notecnirp|edirp
Description: For gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and straight-ally students.


Description: For LGBTQ social networking events and building community at Princeton.