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What Course Numbers Mean posted on 10 Oct 2010 19:34

100: introductory (read more…)

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Fax Machines posted on 10 Oct 2010 19:33

The first place to try when in need of a fax machine is your college office; many of them will happily fax for you (unofficially) for anything vaguely serious (job applications, fellowships, summer study). Stop by and ask nicely and they should be fine. (read more…)

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Getting Through 1901 Laughlin Without Ever Going Outside posted on 10 Oct 2010 19:21

This little piece of advice will probably only come in handy if you ever live in 1901 or have absolutely nothing else to do with your time, but I pass it on to you all the same since the genius’s that designed 1901 saw fit to make it as confusing as possible. (read more…)

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