Panda Members

This is a page for Panda Members to co-ordinate activities and plans for future development.

Become a Panda Member

  1. Click Join on the sidebar to get started
  2. When prompted, create a Wikidot account using your address
  3. Take a look at the basic syntax
  4. Add a new page (via the sidebar) or edit an existing one (bottom right of the page)
  5. Repeat!

To-Do List

A Note on Design Principles

  • Panda pages are supposed to be fairly objective. pandaplus is for more subjective content.
  • Panda is designed to make *everything* people are looking for available in three clicks or fewer. Try to make important pages available and organised in intuitive ways; try to figure out what people would be looking for when they go looking for them. Don't worry (too much) about redundancy: if a page is important it should be linked from the homepage AND from a menu AND from other pages AND….
  • Panda is a little bit like Wikipedia, but remember that it's also a little bit different. Wikipedia has no idea what people are looking for—with Princeton Panda, the users are (relatively) similar and many are looking for the same content (e.g. Calendars and Hours of Operation, the most popular pages). Many of the design differences between Panda and Wikipedia stem from this difference: e.g. Wikipedia does not have top menus (what would they put there?) but we need our top menu to be intuitive and easily navigable. We want the most popular content to be most prominent. And since Princeton students care about the same kinds of things at the same times of year, we can even update the homepage according to the Princeton calendar
  • Bottom line: Everything should be available to users easily and simply, and the most-used pages should be the most prominent.

Best Members

(top five by recent contributions; happens to correlate perfectly with awesomeness)
1. breadriot
2. Hythlodaeus
3. khuddles
4. daedalactic
5. bexxxx

p.s. a few ideas for things we could include: