The Independent Student Guide has a list of kitchens

Open Access Uperclass Kitchens

1903 Basement, Entryway 1
Brown 3rd Floor
Dod Basement
Little Basement, Entryway 1
Patton Basement
Patton 3rd Floor (Snack kitchen)
Scully 1st Floor
Scully 1st, 2nd, 3rd Floors (Snack)

Res College Kitchens:

Butler College: Bloomberg Hall 1st Floor
Forbes College: 238 and 239; A243; A143
Mathey College: Blair Hall, 9th entry basement
Rockefeller College: Witherspoon hall, basement
Whitman College: Fisher Hall, 2nd Floor; North C Hall, 4th Floor; Hargadon Hall, 4th Floor; South Baker Hall, 1st Floor
Wilson College: Dodge Osborn Hall, 1st entry under arch

[From the Independent Student Guide, not affiliated with Panda]

Limited Access Kitchens:

Lockhart 1st floor, Entryway 3
Pyne 1st floor, Entryway 6

Must be independent to get a key. Note that you want a key when you draw into a room. After room draw, keys for left-over spaces are available from housing, first-come first-serve, when fall semester starts. (You could probably talk to them over the summer about it.)
Facilities policies for limited access kitchens