Free Internet

Yes we have it on campus. But what if you want to get away from it all?


Actually, this counts for two:

  • At the very front of the store, on the counter that looks over Nassau Street, you can almost always pick up puwireless.
  • Inside the store there is a attwifi which is free, pretty strong, and doesn't seem to have any problems with it (though maybe it leaves your laptop open to attacks—ask a geek). It gives free access to the entire Wall Street Journal website.

Princeton Public Library

One of Princeton's best, most-underused study spaces. Free, endless wireless-you can also use their computers for free (though not unlimitedly), just ask a librarian.


Free, limitless wifi, just open your computer and it's there.


Free wifi with password from the cashier. Sweet!

Small World Coffee

Only for an hour, though, and you have to get a password from the cashier. They specifically don't want people camping out there all day.

Holsome Tea

Opposite Olives. Apparently has free wifi for customers. Also good tea.