Electrical Outlets

One of my all-time favourite Princeton lines: “I feel like I spend half my time here looking for an outlet.” In that spirit, here is a thrilling guide to Electrical Outlets at Princeton

In Classrooms

Robertson 100

The only outlets are along the side walls, at the very back wall, and at the centre of the room in the paneling in front of the very front row—if you sit in the front you can sling your power cable over and plug in.


Henry House

Just north of East Pyne there are some lovely picnic benches in front of a white wooden house, but there’s no electricity. If you walk to the east side of the little white house there’s a socket in grey casing on the side of the wall-there’s usually also a wooden chair.

Whitman Courtyard

In the big square courtyard just above the dining hall, there are actually a bunch of outlets nestled in the lamp-posts. This is mainly only useful in the summertime, but still.

Off Campus

Small World

There are only two outlets at Small World: one at the very front of the store next to the long rectangular table by the window closest to Nassau street, and one at the back next to the walkway as you go up. They actually used to have more and have boarded over the ones they previously installed; rumour has it that they're trying to stop people sitting in the cafe for 8 hours.


Bajillions of them, all along the right-hand wall as you go in and along the two side walls at the back of the store.