Tip of the Day 2: Clear Your Inbox

Remember to make space on your princeton.edu inbox—yes this may sound basic but your account will fill up quickly; the limit is 1024MB, compared to 7500MB on something like g-mail. Most people will run over their limit at some point before sophomore year, and any message you receive while you’re over quota will just disappear and you’ll never know it was sent. This causes a heck of a lot of problems.

Remember that a big e-mail with a picture or attachment takes up 20 times the space of a regular text e-mail. As such, delete everything from your college office as soon as you’re finished with it. If you’re using a desktop client (such as Mail or Outlook or Thunderbird), it might be smart to make a column for “size” and order your inbox by pretty regularly to delete the biggest messages. The Princeton webmail client already has a size column. A pretty decent shortcut is to search your inbox for every message with an attachment and delete whatever possible.