The official Princeton Academic Calendar, for the next three years in fact, is available from the Registrar. Download follows the link.

The U.S.G. has made a useful Google Calendar version of the official academic/undergraduate events calendar. You can also export that version to iCal or Outlook.

Princeton Panda is providing an unofficial version of the key undergraduate academic calendar dates for your convenience. Upload date 10 October 2010. ONLY THE REGISTRAR'S CALENDAR (linked above) IS THE OFFICIAL CALENDAR, and Princeton Panda accepts no responsibility for any mistakes or changes from the version displayed here.

UNOFFICIAL Princeton Undergraduate Calendar Spring 2011

Princeton Panda is not affiliated with Princeton University, and takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any information found on this site, or any liability for damages caused by mistakes. For official calendar please see

UNOFFICIAL Princeton Break Calendar 2011

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Fall 2011 Calendar

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