Getting Through 1901 Laughlin Without Ever Going Outside

This little piece of advice will probably only come in handy if you ever live in 1901 or have absolutely nothing else to do with your time, but I pass it on to you all the same since the genius’s that designed 1901 saw fit to make it as confusing as possible.

If you begin in Entryway 1, go up to the second floor. Walk down the hallway past one flight of stairs and take the second flight of stairs up to the third floor. Enter the hallway on the left and continue past several rooms until you reach another stairwell. Take the stairs all the way down to the basement level (as low as you can go), and walk through the basement hallway (past the computer clusters and International Food Co-Op kitchen). If you continue on you will be at the laundry room, or you can exit to the left. And that is the entirety of 1901 without a breath of fresh air.

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