Fax Machines

The first place to try when in need of a fax machine is your college office; many of them will happily fax for you (unofficially) for anything vaguely serious (job applications, fellowships, summer study). Stop by and ask nicely and they should be fine.

For juniors and seniors, many departments will be happy to fax things for you; this may also work for freshmen and sophomores, if you’ve made friends with any departmental secretaries. Don’t by shy to ask them, especially if you’ve had any good interactions with them (e.g. during enrollment).

Lastly, there is always a fax machine available in Frist; it’s next to the outgoing mailboxes next to the north-west door on the 100 floor (if you’re facing the west TV, next to the C-Store, walk straight forwards and you’ll get there).

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