Basic Syntax

Wikidot is a pretty simple interface… you can figure it out by clicking "Edit" at the bottom of any page and poking some buttons. But here are some common bits of Wikidot syntax. For an entire list, see wiki text quick reference (always accessible via link at bottom of editing pane).

Major heading

+++ Text

Minor heading

++++ Text

Internal links

[[[Page Name]]]

Example: Hours of Operation (which points to

For internal links where the link text is different from the page's name, use a vertical bar between them.

[[[Page name | Link text]]]

Example: Click here to check out all the hours of operation! Neat-o!

External links


For external links where the link text is different from the address, no vertical bar is needed—just a space!

[ Link text]

Example: The visible text is this self-referential thing here

Bullet points

* Bulleted text

Leave a space between the asterisk and the text! For more complicated lists, put one space before the asterisk per indentation.


  • Pandas (no space)
    • Red pandas (one space)
      • No one knows what these are apparently (two spaces)

Formatted text

**Bold text**
//Italicized text//
__Underlined text__

Don't leave any spaces between the formatting code and the text!

Embedded sites

[[iframe width="95%" height="550" scrolling="yes"]]

For examples, see the calendars, cinemas and hours of operation pages. Often you set the width at 95%, but it depends on the page. Don't use more height than you need. Scrolling is not great for calendars, but can be useful for embedding lists.

Advanced syntax