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Princeton Panda aims to help you find the Princeton calendar without looking too hard. After that, we'd like to organise all the information in the world. But first, calendars.

Princeton Panda is not affiliated with Princeton University. It is run completely by volunteers and has an annual budget of $9. "Why Panda?," we hear you ask. Well, no reason really - Pandas are cute, they alliterate with Princeton, and there's more than enough things called Tiger already. The Panda Mascot is the Red Panda.

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Tip of the Day 10: Bag Lunches

If you're on a meal plan but don't have time to eat lunch in the dining halls on certain days of the week (engineers, I'm looking at you), you can grab a bag lunch from any dining hall during breakfast hours, Mon-Thurs. Ask the card checkers for a form, fill out your preferences, and the bag lunch will be ready for you in the servery when you're done with breakfast. According to the Dining Services website, you aren't allowed to eat lunch in the dining halls on the same day that you've requested a bag lunch.


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